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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Coffee and a Catch Up

Ive been doing just that this morning.

I don't normally get the chance what with work etc.  So it was lovely to catch up with 2 friends from Craft Club this morning.

The girls brought me a card too.. Barb created it using TH inks and stamps, its really lovely (though I forgot to take pics!) and I was touched that they should do that for me 'just because'

Thank you girls x

Its amazing when heads come together what ideas/likes/dislikes you share and swap.  If I hadn't been going to work I'm sure we'd still be there now.

I love how crafting, whether it be knitting, crochet etc., brings like minded people together. 

Whilst we were chatting Emma showed me a picture of a canvas (which looks amazing by the way) she was creating, which in turn reminded me that I hadn't uploaded my little ones I did a while back at the retreat.

Unfortunately its not the best picture as it was taken on my phone.

I really do need to get a new compact camera!

Ttfn xox


  1. They'd look lovely on my kitchen wall *wink wink*


  2. Hi Jak ... I hope you are fully recovered now and your knee is working well! I love your canvasses ... keep promising myself I'll get around to doing one of these ... even bought the book ... but there are never enough hours in the day!
    Enjoy your evening

  3. Really like the one on the right.