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Monday, July 02, 2012

Blog Makeover, Birthdays and Olympic Torch Relay!

Wow what a busy week this past week has been.

Last weds my 2nd oldest turned 29!!  How did that happen?! The years are certainly flying by.

On the plus side, she has moved back home after spending 9 years in London.  So now we see each other more often, which I love.

Here she is celebrating and sporting her latest accessory, a moustache!!  LOL

This weekend saw the Olympic Torch Relay come through the Midlands and of course it was a must see.

We headed over to Redditch to see it with family and friends.

The weather stayed dry, thankfully.  The Union Jacks were out, the streets crowded and there was such a lovely atmosphere.  Although the moment was fleeting we all enjoyed it.

I managed to get quite a few pictures, this is one of my faves.

Last but not least, a big massive thanks to my BSIL for the blog makeover.  Half a pack of biscuits, several cuppas and a few hours later, we (or should I say she) did it...mainly because I couldnt decide on what I wanted lol.  I love it.....btw, she wrote the tag line under the title haha.

Ttfn xox


  1. Loving the makeover Jak x
    We had the torch come to Coventry yesterday & all turned out to watch :)

  2. I hang my head in shame because I didn't make the effort to see the torch passing through the next town! However, I did watch the Oylmpic Torch pass through a town in Australia back in 2000 while holidaying there!

    You SIL's message below your header mademe smile, she sounds like lots of fun to be around.

    I am pleased that you have found your scrapping mojo again :)

    Jane x