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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I'm a lover of magazines, however I'm nearly always disappointed in the content.

You know the thing, front cover looks amazing but the mag is wrapped in cellophane so you cant have a flick through before you buy. When you finally buy the magazine, get into it, minus all the packaging, its full of ads and the articles aren't really all that...or is that just me lol maybe I expect to much!

Anyway, yesterday I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary copy of the latest Docrafts Creativity magazine, courtesy of Emma. Wow!! I love it!

Way back, and I mean a few years, I had a copy of a Docrafts Mag whilst it was 'nice' I felt it was more a promotional thing rather than an actual crafting mag to 'ooh and ahh' over.

Not this little beauty! Firstly (and I'm not really a lover of gifts with mags, yes I know fussy as! but only because they're a) usually rubbish b) something Ill never use) the mag came with the cutest clear stamps, Me To You exclusive Christmas stamps. A pack of 10, 3 largish images and some wording. Seriously they are lovely and definitely something I'll use. Perfect for Christmas cards, if you make your own.

The front cover of the mag looked good and not just because it had a pack of stamps attached. The projects advertised looked interesting and I could wait to rip open the packaging to see the contents. I wasn't disappointed, oh no! From sewing projects, scrapbooking (paper and a digital article too), Photography hints and tips, to card making and even jewellery making.

The latter really interested me as there is a 'Back to Basics' article, not that I ever did know the basics anyway lol but it will be exciting (at some point) to put some of the instructions to good use and actually make something instead of my usual hoarding. Yes I have beads and wire too amongst my mountains of other stash.

Fancy embellishing a bag with a bead/charm for the party season? yep! there's an article featuring that too.

With 172 great makes as the magazine quotes, I think I can honestly say there is something for everyone, even the little ones (with help from a grown up)

Of course you've got all the regular articles like, 'Your Stories' Giveaway's etc but its just all the more of an excuse to put your feet up with a cuppa for that extra 5 minutes and that, to me, is a good thing.

So if you fancy a change and some 'feet up' time go grab yourself a copy of Docrafts Creativity, you wont be disappointed.

Me? I'm off to go and sort out my sewing supplies to make these cute Christmas Decorations, featured on the front cover!

Ttfn xox

**I wasnt paid or asked to give my opinion on this magazine**

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