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Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Things

Yes, finally got around to creating my list and taking part in Shimelles 10 on the 10th

So here goes, 10 things I love about this time of year:

(1) Halloween 

 I just love it! I love seeing the littlies all dressed up and excited about going out.  Plus
when Halloween comes around, you know that Christmas will be just around the corner.

(2) Cold and Frosty Mornings

Believe it or not I love these, I love the smell in the air and the crispness.  I don't, however, like de-icing the car at stupid o'clock

(3) The Warmth of a coal Fire

Just toasty on those cold nights, snuggling down on the sofa and in front of the fire

(4) Knitting/Crochet

This seems to be the main time of year when I pick up my needles.  Seem to have more time to knit in the winter.

(5) Garden Centres

Yes, I know that sounds weird, but theres nothing I like to do more on a Sunday afternoon than have a browse around the garden centre. I love seeing the Christmas displays, lights and trees.  Gets me in the Christmas spirit, albeit a bit early!

(6) Gingerbread Lattes

Tis the season for Gingerbread Lattes, yummy!

(7) Lucky Dip

I know a strange one lol.  In our house we do lucky dip Christmas'.  We put everyones (apart from the littlies) names in a hat and we all buy for that particular person.  Saves money and works really well.  Lots of fun too and this is the time of year we usually do the 'dip'

(8)  Christmas Parties

The one time of the year that I actually go out more (if at home and not on holiday). 

(9) The Smell of Cinnamon

Another odd one I know but I love walking into shops and smelling it in the air.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and gets me in the mood for Christmas

Personally I love the stuff! All though I'm not really a drinker this is the one thing I do like.  November/December seems to be the only time I ever drink it...Bonfire Night, Christmas, really any excuse!


  1. Oh, we have some of the same favorites. I love gingerbread lattes. Haven't had one yet this season so now I HAVE to stop by Starbucks soon. :)

  2. mulled wine sounds yum!!!great list!!!