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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Beginning....

to look a lot like Christmas!

Picture courtesy of Birmingham and Beyond

Ok hands up if you saw the coke ad on the tv at the weekend.

Its not Christmas (or at least we cant start the countdown in our house) until you see that advert.

The countdown has begun!...........

Over the weekend, I decided to make a few Christmas cards.  Now trust me when I say Im rubbish at card making!!  I can never think of any ideas at all.

So I had a little look around the internet (read that as mainly Pinterest lol, love that site!) and spotted this, a dimensional ornament card.

Simple but elegant, so I thought Id give it a try.  Heres my version, not the best pic Im afraid as I took it quickly with my phone.

I had to use just my regular round punch as I didnt have the MS Starburst, but the effect is similar.  Good way of using up some old papers or scraps too.

If you fancy giving it a go, then why not pop over to Creativity Prompt dot com where youll find a video tutorial.

Ttfn x


  1. Yep my hand is up! ... I love Pinterest too ... it's so addictive! ... great card you cased it perfectly!

  2. yes i have seen the coke advert, all it did was panic me about how close christmas was!
    i have seen the lorry in real life too,at an asda a couple of years ago, bit of a let down actualy and they didnt play the music to go with it!

  3. oh forgot to say love the card x

  4. Lovely card! (I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest too)