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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Has it really been a month since I last blogged!


Goodness knows where the time went.

However, I have finished my jumper (few weeks ago now), still have to sew up all the ends, but really pleased with how its turned out, photos will have to follow.

This last weekend, Deb, Karen and I attended the first ever Sarahs Cards retreat. What better way to catch up with your friends and spend some quality time together.

The retreat was absoloutely fab, Sarah and Lianne and the team did an awesome job!

Me? for once I was super organised and had all my scrappy stuff ready days in advance, so unlike me too! Mind you I did have Karen to help.

I packed several kits/projects to do but you know what, I never touched them! There were 6 classes on the retreat so that kept me busy.

I havent taken pics of my layouts yet, I know Im cr@p!

Its not fair to have favourites really but you know when something just appeals to you/your style.

They were all fab in their own right, but my personally faves that 'were me' were these ones (in no particular order):

This one is by Rachael Elliot, so pink and pretty, having said that some people took it upon themselves to do a blue version and the results were fab!

Next was my gorgeous BSILs class or should I say 'classes' as she did 2 layouts, love the 8.5x11 ages since I scrapped that size and thoroughly enjoyed it! (nothing to do with the fact shes my BSIL as she well knows)

Then theres Leannes, loved how this was created. The tree was made by using a 12x12Crafters workshop template, def a technique Id use again.

The other class I really liked (yes Ive yet to finish mine as in add the rest of my pics) was Cathy C's mini album, I loved this. the papers were kind of 'Love' themed but I didnt care as the colours match my Disney pics, so disney pics it is. With a few Disney embellies its going to look great.

Ive uploaded a piccie of Cathys Book but the piccie doesnt do it justice at all! as it was gorgeous.

As I said the retreat was brilliant and I'll def be booking again when they annouce their next one.

Massive thanks to everyone involved, for making the weekend so great.

Oops nearly forgot, special thanks to Tracy who gave me some personal tuition on flower making.....Tracy, thank you, for once me sieve brain has actually retained the info and will def be using the technique again.

ttfn xox


  1. sounds like you all had a great time, and you organised, wow.

  2. Love that Racheal Elliot LO. Looking forward to seeing your version.