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Friday, February 12, 2010

its coming together.......

the cardi that is and its knitting up nicely.

On the body now so hopefully have it finished this week.

Havent done much the last couple of days due to being tired. Never knit when youre tired as I learnt to my peril the other day ha!

Cast off a load of stitches for the armholes then realised Id missed a whole knit row out doh! so had to unpick it, which took some doing I can tell you.

This is what it looks like at the mo

The photo was taken quickly on my phone this afternoon and certainly doesnt do the colour justice. The wool is King Cole Homespun, Lagoon (shade 486)

Its a chunky wool knit on 8mm circular needles, have to say I do love it, just hope the darn thing will fit me haha!

Right off to make a start on getting piccies ready for the retreat, I could be gone a while!

Have a great weekend, ttfn x


  1. Looks lush Jackie. I do think we should have a knitting corner at the retreat!!!

  2. looking good, soon be finished.

  3. Coming on nicely BSIL.
    I've started the lace part of my cardi now, fingers crossed it will be finished this week :-)


  4. What a lovely colour wool! It is a lovely pattern. Knitting is not for me I fear, I will stick to my basic crocheting :)
    PS Emms has some lovely chunly multi colour wool reduced to 1.25 per ball!