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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Crochet

I have the best BSIL After months of looking and admiring her crochet, I decided to give it a go.

I have crocheted, but years ago and dont even ask me what stitch, think I made it up as I went a long!

So who better to ask the basics than BSIL. She helped me do my first practice 'Granny Square' and then she wrote down all the stitches for me, turning chains and the difference between US and UK terms, she has the patience of a saint, I can tell you.

So anyway, armed with money in my pocket, I went in search of wool (wool shops are few and far between in this area these days) and crochet hooks.

First stop, Hobbycraft - way too expensive for my liking, as BSIL says, Im not (yet) a wool snob so happy with cheap and cheerful.

So off to another shop, this time locally. Cheap and cheerful was just what I was looking for and thats what I got (well when I say that it was a tenner for 4 100g balls and 2 hooks but still a good buy in my opinion), but in the colours I wanted, with the balls of wool being part wool/acrylic. Oh and her hooks were 50p cheaper too!

Heres what Ive made so far:

Pictures a bit bright, took it on my phone, but you get the gist.

Going for Aquas, Green and Cream. The darkish blue in the pic isnt as dark in real life, its more of a Kingfisher colour.

Once the squares have been blocked theyll be straight (BSIL said so!)

Not quite sure if these squares will make it to a blanket or a cushion, we'll see LOL but Im wizzing a long and loving it!

ttfn x


  1. ooooo they're coming along nicely :-]
    Lovely colours too.

    When you come over I shall show you the join as you go method (no need for blocking ;-])


  2. Ooooh get you Mrs Crochet Queen!!! It's looking fab :-)

  3. great job, just a couple more and you'l be finished lol