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Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Year Older......

Thanks for all the birthday messages via text/email/facebook.

I had a fab day, well weekend really and was thoroughly spoilt.

As I said in my previous post, I had quite a bit of money to spend, so thought it would be rather nice to go looking in all the charity shops in town and then to the car boot on Sunday.

May not sound like fun for some but I really wanted to see if I could snag a bargain and get a few vintagy things for the house.

Although Saturday was a good day the only thing I got for the house was a lovely fruit/salad bowl.

For me, however, from the charity shops, I managed to get a brand new Next handbag for £6, a lambswool scarf for £2.50 and then I treated myself to a new pair of gloves from Accessorize.

Then Hubby and I went out for dinner in the evening.

Sunday was more fun, managed to get quite a few things at the car boot, though I have to say Im still smarting about the dresser I saw and ummed and awwed about! I wasnt convinced it would fit in the kitchen and hubby was the same....but it was only £20, do I dont I? I kept saying to myself, in the end I decided against it but was gutted when I got home and realised that it would have fit in the space we were thinking it would.

So hastily texted my friend and said if its there next week make sure that they buy it for me LOL

Managed to get a nice metal trunk which with a bit of paint will look fab. 2 Willow Pattern plates, the real deal, £1 for the 2 of them, I kid you not!

I also picked up a nice oval ovenproof dish for £2, but my favourite was a wicker basket for my wool (Ive started crocheting!), like this one

It was £8 down to £6 and not to be missed!

Plus I still have some money left, so very pleased.

After tea at friends, it was back home again to see my (not so) little grandbabies.

Theyd both bought me presents and cards bless them. 'Jimbos' card to me was a Thomas the tank Engine card, his favourite. He also bought me a necklace with the help of mummy. When I said thank you, he said 'Your welcome, can I borrow it cos I did buy it!' Couldnt stop laughing at that coming from a 3 year old.

'Stinky', with the help of mummy bough me a lovely night shirt.

After lots of laughter we had cake.

Its a standing joke in our house that theres no way Im having a 50th birthday. Once I reached 46 last year I said that Im going back the way now and shall just tell everyone Im 43.

Dont ask me why I chose 43, just seemed a good number at the time. Even had my sister wondering when she asked me last month, how old are you on your next birthday, to which I replied 43. She then looked at me very strangely and said, really? No you cant be and was stood trying to work out the math haha!

So back to the cake, you can imagine the laughter when hubby and the littlies produced this!

Gotta love my hubby sometimes

ttfn x


  1. sounds like you had a great time, some great bargains had too x

  2. Haha love the cake :D

    Sounds like you had a great birthday huuny,will have to come over and see the bargains you brought.
    Love the basket.

    Please please will you let us know what you want