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Monday, January 18, 2010


Ok so its not my birthday for a few days yet, but Ive had a few early pressies.

Mainly money so I could buy a few bits I wanted, arent I lucky.

First on my list was a Vintage glass cake stand, I know rather sad (according to some who will remain nameless!), but I wanted one all the same.

I had a browse via the net and came across this site: Re-found Objects

They are amazing and have lots of fabulous goodies on offer (will be my first stop from now on)

The website said designs may vary, but hey I wasnt fussed about the design, just wanted a cake stand.

Anyway, I ordered my glass cake stand Weds, recieved shipping confirmation Thurs and it arrived Fr.

Omgosh! I love it, its so pretty, as are all these. (pic courtesy of Re-found Objects)

Next on my list was a food cover and I found this one from Gisella Graham

Shabby Chic Gifts have lots of little goodies like that, check them out

The latest thing to arrive is totally non kitchen related LOL, its something Ive been trying to get for the last couple of weeks, had to pre-order it in the end.

Got it from

Think Ill be taking a visit to BSILS sometime soon, for a little boogie and lots of laughter......did I tell you she was a loon and that her dancing skills are second to none! haha!

ttfn x

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  1. Bring the game round hunny we can have a 'so you think you can dance' contest and I know you'll be jealous when I win.

    Thank you very much for the link,think I shall be spending pennies there :-D