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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its Snowing.........


The novelty is wearing thin now and Im kinda fed up with living in, what seems very much like, Narnia!

This was work at 9am this morning:

Getting out this morning took 20 mins, with hubby and our neighbour shoveling the snow, just so we could get out of the car park.

Getting home was even more of a laugh and a half, NOT! I had a little altercation with some traffic cones and a hedge, but despite being a complete bag of nerves, survived intact, thank goodness.

Havent been able to check the car properly but at first glance we cant see any damage. Ive left it on the main road tonight, theres no way Im even attempting the the side road!

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow am all the snow will be gone, well one can dream cant they.

This afternoon has been a lazy one, been too cold to move LOL I was planning on doing some baking but only got as far as making Chicken Tika Misala, a Slimming World was delish.

Off to snuggle up on the settee (yet again) in front of the coal fire and going to watch Most Haunted Live......does anyone else watch?

ttfn x


  1. Hiya Jackie - same here I have had a right lazy day ! it was my day off which i had loads planned but ds is poorly so just sat and watched TV with him all day - i just couldn't get warm, so going to snuggle in my 15 tog duvet now ! .

    wish this snow would just go away too !!

  2. Hey BSIL have you looked out of the window? the snows still bloody here...enoughs enough now!!

    I had a pj day yesterday while keith was forced outside to make a snow ghost (don't ask LOL)