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Thursday, February 26, 2009


What a real crap start to the week we had, what with one thing and another, it never rains but it pours.

Still waiting for Bettys appointment to come through from the hospital too, talk about slow!

Anyway enough moaning. Did have a nice evening with Deb the other night, I went along to Slimming World with her.

It was an absolute hoot and really so much fun. So I decided to investigate further, well Im not doing much cop on weight watchers lately, and decided last night to join.

Ive joined a class local to me but think Im going to join Debs class as its a bit more friendly.

Literally walked in the door and everyone was so nice, unlike the class last night.

So wish me luck, though I feel that determined I shouldnt really need it.

As far as scrapping goes, not done a thing since last week, yes Im still finishing off my scraproom.

I know I said it wouldnt take long but I havent had the time this week to put the last few bits away. Blimey do you know how long it takes to sort brads!! Keep finding the damn things everywhere, in packets, loose, you name it.

Of course, mine are all sorted in colour in my Craft Mates boxes, so its taking time to do it and find space for others.

While sorting I found these brads, forgot Id bought them to be honest. Arent they cute.

Back tomorrow, ttfn x

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  1. see i told you you'd find things you had forgotten about, like shopping all over again!