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Friday, February 27, 2009

And the weekend is here again!

I dont know, the days seem to be rushing by.

Havent done too much this week either really.

Did pop over to BSILs last night, did 2 layouts too. One within an hour, got to be a record for me LOL.

It was great to catch up, as its a while since Ive seen her. I know she only lives a couple of miles away but with us both working we seem to be like ships that pass in the night.

Sarah always inspires me, as she always has some crafting project on the go, check out her blog for her latest offerings.

Havent taken pics of my layouts yet, but wil upload them tomorrow with my fave sketches of the week.

Have to get cracking on my Scrap Schemes project this weekend. Its a toughie for me this week so was wondering what I could do, but found the perfect pictures. Some that Ive been meaning to scrap for a while.

Just need to find the right papers now, and according to hubby, it apparently 'wont be difficult' LOL what does he know, just cos you have a pile of papers doesnt mean to say you have the right ones does it?!

ttfn x

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