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Monday, February 23, 2009

Where Did the Weekend Go?

I dont know, it seemed to just fly by for me.

Mind you I was very busy. Saturday saw me tackle, and when I say tackle I really mean it, my scraproom.

It was ssssoooo bad in there I kept looking at it and simply not knowing where to start with the tidying and putting away.

You wouldnt believe the unopened packets of things, brads, chipboard and my rub-on draw is full to bursting!

Hubby put up my extra shelves which helped, at least I could start putting things away in the storage I bought months ago (yes Lorna, they are finally out of the packaging LOL).

Thanks heavens for husbands and Ikea, I say.

These are the Spice Jars I bought a while back, these contain my little paper clips, book rings etc.

Proper bargain too, 4 for £1.95

I also stocked up on a couple more of these when I bought the Spice Jars. These larger jars contain my buttons (though I do have one larger one with odds of ribbon in too)

You certainly cant complain at the price, under £1 for each jar.

Anyway, still havent quite finished yet (havent even started purging my copious amounts of paper) but it will be finished this week, might even upload a few pics. Just thought should have done and before and after photo haha!

Sunday was a busy and very noisy day, but a fun day. My brother and his 3 kiddies came over for lunch, then it was Wii play time.

My niece, her fiance and their new baby also popped over on their way home. Its the first time Ive seen their new baby girl, Olivia May, shes 10 weeks old and utterly scrumptious.

BUT, I got so wrapped up in the visit and cuddling that I totally forgot to get the camera out, call myself a scrapbooker *sigh*

Never mind, hopefully it wont be too long until we see them again.

ttfn x


  1. wow you have tackled that scrap room, you could'nt put it off forever, bet it was like going stash shopping all over again, i bet you found things you did'nt even know you had!

  2. I think it must be the time of year for scrap room purging lol! Love the jars, in fact i have those little ones that come in sets :)