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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

22 days until Christmas!

How did that happen?? Just not sure where the last few weeks have gone to be honest.

So what have I been doing? Not much really, still trying to rest my foot but thats nigh on impossibe especially at this time of year.

My puddy cat is still poorly, he has a heart murmer, poor thing, so back to the vets again on Thurs for yet more tests and more test results.

Sunday my lovely hubby drove me to the Coventry crop (too far for me to drive with this foot), he then dropped me off and took Betty into town for a couple of hours, bless him, hes so good.

It was fab to catch up with the girls again, theyre such a lovely bunch of girls. It was especially fab to see Annie as I havent seen her for weeks. Missed her too.

No scrapping was done though, as I only went, as I said for a couple of hours, so just had coffee, the most delish banana bread (made by Sues mum) and a chat.

Back to work tomorrow after several days holiday, must also start writing my Christmas cards.

I usually make at least one, but not this year....maybe next year LOL

Right best get back to bed, woke up and couldnt get back to sleep hence being on the net at this time, ttfn x

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