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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ooops .......

No blogging, shame on me!

Having said that I have been rather busy what with one thing and another.

Last week saw me in A&E with a suspected stress fracture in my foot, very painful.

So 3 hours later my foot was strapped up and on crutches. Have to go back for a 2nd review but it looks like (according to the doc) that it is a fracture.

Friday was a fab day, Beany and Rob came home for the weekend, well our home anyway. So we had an early Christmas, swapping pressies etc.

AND, this is the important bit, Beany got got her wedding dress, she has to go back in the new year to have the dress fitted again and a few alterations, but wow! she looked stunning in it. Brought a tear to my eye, gawd help us on the wedding day LOL

This beggining of this week, saw me taking my poorly cat, Bob, to the vets, turns out he has a heart murmer and the vet seems to think its getting worse. Have to take Bob back to the vets tomorrow for a check up and get the results of his blood test. Have to say I am quite worried about him.

Last but not least, the latest Scrap Schemes is up. Scheme 10 was to scraplift Shawnas friend Holly.

This is her layout

This is my take on it. The pic is of Beany and Rob on Christmas Day last year when they got engaged, hence the title 'Bling'

Right off to bedfordshire, ttfn x


  1. OMG Jak you've been in the wars hun, and with your cat too, sending you some {{hugs}}. Love your scrap schemes layout too xx

  2. Hope your pussy is ok. Didn't know you had hurt your foot. Is it the same one you hurt before?
    Love the layout. It's gorgeous.