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Thursday, July 17, 2008

What am I like!

Just cant seem to keep up with this bloggin' lark of late, so much going on.

We're still in the process of re-vamping the garden, its taken longer than originally planned simply because of the crappy weather weve been having at the weekends.

Mind you, hubby has now dug the way for a path and started on cementing the bricks into what will be the edging of the path. Its looking good.

Only one slight problem, I cannot get my lot (mainly my son, his GF and Betty) to walk around to the front of the house to get in while the path gets done, oh no! they keep trampling over our newly laid lawn.

Think I may have to buy a bolt for the back gate, that might stop them. Evil parent that I am! LOL

Beany called yesterday out of the blue and declared she was coming home for a few days (and then tagged on that 'Superman' wanted to have a go on the Wii) Oh well despite their reasons LOL, who cares, its great to see them both.

Wedding plans are full steam ahead, beany has a wedding planner for when shes in NYC and more importantly....drum roll.........

We now have an official date!

Cant believe its only 13 months away, time is going to fly. Its all very exciting though, the first of my babies to get married.

Will be back later with some garden pics, before and after.


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  1. woooohoooo. A really exciting time for the next 13 months then. Tell her congratulations from me.