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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As the big debate continues.....

Life here plods along nicely.

Busy as always, I dont know theres just not enough hours in the day lately.

Hubby and I went into town Saturday, which is rare, now I remember why! It costs too much! Came back with bags of stuff, new mugs, pair of sandals (£5 in the sale, so a bargain!) and guess what else (Beany) Guitar Hero for our Wii

I know, how flipping extravagant, but a whole lot of fun, well for the first couple of hours anyway.

Matt was over and played, he went home, he came back and had another play. Think I worked it out that Guitar Hero was on for about 6 hours, yes SIX!! No wonder I had a headache.

Sunday saw Deb and I, with the shop in tow, head over to Solihull for a crop. It was brilliant. Both of us got loads of scrapping done.

It was lovely to catch up with Morag and Nicki, plus the other girls, havent seen them in months. Looking forward to their next crop, they really are fabby girls.

Thanks for a great day girls!


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  1. We were playing guitar hero on Saturday too at the BBQ we went too - it was difficult even on the easy setting... I was winning... then we went onto the medium difficulty and I couldn't cope with using 4 fingers! Michelle beat me on that one.. I kept getting booed off stage.