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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not much

Happening around here at all!

Had a bit of a bug at the beginning of the week, so got nothing done at all.

In a real mood for scrapping too. Alas I cant as I dont have any colour ink for my printer to print my pics off, well thats my excuse anyway, although I have plenty of 'old' pics.

Hubby says forget buying more ink, buy a new printer. In some ways hes right, especially with the cost of ink these days. Trouble is new printers, despite some only beign £20, only come with 5ml of ink, less than half of what youd get if you bought a new ink.

Think from next month, nearer payday im going to upload my pics to Photobox, as I think it will be cheaper in the long run. Plus you can edit your pics on their site now, so thats good.

Bellaboo crop tonight, which Im looking forward to. Am going to have to look out some old pics to scrap.

Been having a browse too at some new papers. Yep its CHA time again, comes around quick doesnt it.

My absolute fave at the moment, and you'll laugh, but its different is the new Cosmo Cricket

I love it! Who cares if it dates, its already somewhat dated anyway LOL

Despite the copious amounts of stash that I already have, this is definately going in my basket at some point, even the stamps!

We're off camping in August for Bettys 16th and although I already have papers to do a mini book of our trip, Mr Campy is perfect and even better than what Ive got!

Right best get some work done.

Before I go, my BSIL awarded me this (dunno why cos Im naff at updating lately LOL)

Im going to award it to my favourite bloggers.

Mary (when she updates LOL)

ttfn x


  1. I hope you're getting this in cos I want it :-D


  2. I love those papers and to let you know you have been tagged for a UU pthththth'.