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Monday, February 11, 2008


Had a fab day yesterday at our local crop. Of course didnt get much done, managed half a layout, but we finally got the comittee sorted.

So that takes the pressure off Deb and I somewhat.

Had a good laugh with everyone as we usually do. Sharon brought her clip it up and was sorting. Oh my goodness, I thought I had some stamps, but she has tonnes. We all felt that she should share, but she was having none of it LOL

Think the Clip it Up is a great idea, but not worth the money in my opinion, as a scrapper. I remember a while back Tracie H coming up with a fab idea, along similar lines, only her bits and pieces were from Homebase and a helluva lot cheaper and a whole lot more effective.

After the retreat, when I have more time, organisation and storage is the one thing Im going to concentrate on in my scraproom.

Started my new job today, was a bit nervous, but the afternoon went well. This week will be spent getting to grips with all the office equipment. Although a lot of it is similar to my old job, theres a few things I havent done before.

Talking of which, I promised to share pics of my farewell gifts I received on Friday.

These are the beautiful flowers I received, (they smell absolutely gorgeous, especially the Hyacinths), along with a pretty necklace.


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  1. Annie9:23 pm

    Excuse me Jacqueline.......I know that we all get a little forgetful but who was doing the sorting????
    When you come up with a cheap version of the Clip It Up let me know........then I can come round and organise yours LOL