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Friday, February 08, 2008

Last Day

So it was my last day at work yesterday. Have to say that I will honestly, miss the lads. Well I say 'lads' but most of them are beyond retirement age. Still, regardless I will miss the laughs, jokes and wind ups...oh yes they were good at wind ups and 16 months down the line they were as good as day one, the sods LOL.

Just back from having a farewell drink and meal with them all, including Kate and Nickie (Claire couldnt make it, as she was still hungover from last night apparently). We had a lovely time. I came away with a gorgeous vase of flowers all wrapped in its very own bag, a beautiful necklace (will post pics later) and the Best of Andrea Bocelli cd, I was touched that theyd all been so thoughtful not to mention generous.

Yep! will definately miss them all.



  1. Must have missed why you are leaving babes but i'm sure it's a good reason. Enjoy! xxxx

  2. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Have a fab time in your new job with Debs!!!!

    Jilly xx