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Monday, February 04, 2008

So how was your weekend?

Mine was great. Went cropping on Saturday to Moxley, havent seen the girls since before Christmas, with Betty being in hospital etc.

As per usual it was laughs galore, even if it was somewhat noisy. They are such a fab bunch of girls, they definately brighten a dark day thats for sure.

Managed to make 2 cards, complete my Barn Crafters crop CJ AND start my mini Disney album ready for our visit in March.

Cant wait, need someone warmth and sunshine.

Wow reading that back I got quite a bit accomplished, so unusual for me too, Im normally the one chatting and nosying at everyone elses stuff LOL.

A few weeks ago I altered a mini clipboard that had been kicking around in my scrap room for a while (one of those impulse 'oooh I could do something with that' type buys). Well as I said on a previous post was having a clear out and found it, I knew just the papers that would go with it - Elsie Flanigan.

Its not a brilliant pic, but you get the gist. I quite like how its turned out and its magnetic so now taking pride of place on my fridge.

The pic is of hubs and I in Dublin at the Guinness factory, taken last June.

The top of the clipboard is actually green, the same as the paper, but as its a coated clipboard, the flash has caught it.

Ttfn x


  1. Magicchick (Sals)7:24 pm

    Loving the clipboard it is great!

  2. oooh I've been there :)

    but I had lemonade cos I hate Guinness lol

    Love Dublin though

    clipboard is fab!