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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Intimate Night

Ok well, if you call sharing with 200 or so people intimate LOL.

BUT it was an intimate night with Darren Hayes at the Carling Academy Birmingham, the Side 2 Tour, last night. What can i say other than it was fab!!

I (along with Deb and Karen) was this <------------- far (a few feet) away from him and hes looking as yummy as ever. Gotta love that bloke, his concerts are amazing and its always a fun night.

Alas, no piccies as we were advised not to take cameras *insert sad face here* apparently 'they', whoever 'they' are, dont like people to take pics in such a small venue.

Found this one on the net (Credits - People Magazine/David Mepham/WENN/Landov) well you cant have a night out with Darren and NOT post a pic of the gorgeous man himself, can you

Massive thanks to Deb for my ticket, it was my birthday present from her. Roll on the next tour!

Back later with my layouts from a couple of days ago, xx

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