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Friday, February 22, 2008

1 Week and Counting

it suddenly dawned on me last night that its 1 week until my jolly holiday in Florida. How could I have forgotten??

Mind you once I had realised, I got very excited. Hubby is already in a panic at the thought of the trip to the airport with the littleys. I told him just go and buy some 'Kalms' then he might feel happier and a lot less stressed.

Whats the point of getting all het up about it. Yea 'Jimbo' may whine and whinge (hes teething) and 'Stinky' will want to wander off on her own 'just looking for somefin' but you just have to take a few deep breaths and deal with it.

By the way its not that he dislikes kids, far from it, he dotes on 'Jimbo' and 'Stinky' but just stresses regardless of where we travel. Hes one of these that likes to be early blah blah blah, in fact we are total opposites when it comes to some things!

We have booked tickets for the Pirates and Princess party. I created a little invite for 'Stinky' from Mickey Mouse, inviting her and 'Jimbo' and telling them not to forget to bring their costumes.

Shes now in a dilemma as to which dress to take (she has several). My vote is for the one she has on in my layout, she looks so pretty in it.

'Jimbo' doesnt have any dressing up clothes, so I bought him this little Pirate outfit from Ebay, hes going to look so cute!

Have started my Disney mini book in readiness for the pics we're going to take.

Also finished a layout last night which I started last Saturday (only needed a pic) quite like it, used Sassafrass papers. Will upload later.

Best get some work done, after all thats what Im being paid for LOL, x

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