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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A few more piccies

Ok, dont want to keep boring you about my fab weekend (and it was fab!) but heres a couple more pics.

The cake was made by my lovely mum, top heart was lemon sponge, next was chocolate sponge and the bottom heart was 'proper' wedding cake, of the rich fruit variety. Top 2 were sponge as I hate rich fruit cake, but hubby loves it.

Have to also tell you that my clever mum made the lillies on the cake :D

The 2nd pic is of my gorgeous friend, me and Stinky, how lovely do they both look.

P.S. Happy Burpday for tomorrow Beany, love ya xx


  1. Oooh you are all looking gorgeous mwaaaah! That cake sounds divine hun.. am not a big fruitcake lover either.. and my DH loves it.. wish we'd had a sponge layer!!!!

  2. You all look gorgeous! Mmmmm that lemon spounge layer sounds delicious - what a clever mamma you have :) xx

  3. Congrats on the anniversary and don't you all look fantastic!!

  4. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Thanks mummy! ANd you do look gorgeous! THanks for my card. Love beany x

  5. It was a fab day and you all looked absolutely gorgeous. Nic's kids are little diamonds. Apart from the fact Rebecca looked like a little angel, she behaved like one as well, as did little ciaran, as always. You and Dave looked fab and we all had a lump in our throats when you couldnt say your vows cos you kept crying. bless.