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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Perfect Day...

was had last weekend (week gone already!).

Hubby and I tootled into town last saturday as we had to get more shoes for stinky in time for the ceremony. What a drama, bought some from Monsoon but they were too small, so went back only to find the shop shut as they had a disaster, major flood and ceiling what now? headed off to the ever faithful Woolies and ended up buying a pair of shoes...well they were only for the day and as long as they fit and co-ordinated with Stinkys dress what the hec.

Got back and I headed off to the hairdressers with Betty in tow. Our appointments werent until 2pm but I had a major panic that I wasnt going to be at the church on time if Laura, my hairdresser was running late, so we were eager beavers and there for 1.30pm. Luckily they could see us early.

I was a bag of nerves and the more I looked at the clock the more nervous I got, which is totally ridiculous as its not like I was getting married for the first time LOL.

I decided months ago to get dressed at Debs as I knew hubby would be stressing especially after he saw how long it was going to take him to get dressed!

My gorgeous friend soon settled my nerves when I got to her house, by getting out the champagne and strawberries :D

We were going to church in 'T's car, a lovely Chrylser Jeep, he even put ribbons on it especially, bless him, he is such a great guy and a dear friend.

Debs girls, Betty and Stinky headed out first, then 'T' came back for me and which time I thought I was going to hyperventilate with nerves.

Finally arrived at the church, traditionally late, true Palmer style haha! When I arrived my darling hubby had a surprise, he had arranged for a piper to be there....yep the real deal, a bagpiper. Hubby looked so handsome in his Kilt too.

The service was great, we had an old friend and ex-local vicar conduct the service. He had everyone laughing and me crying as I tried 3 times to re-new my vows. Glad I had my tissues with me.

If you havent fallen a sleep by now, well done hehe...I'll leave you with this pic of Hubby and I as we left the church, thats stinkys head in the front of the pic.


  1. OH hun... sounds like a wonderful wonderful a lil tear in me eye just reading there.... more photos more photos more photos.. pretty please !!!!

  2. Oh it sound wondrful Jak!! You looked absolutely gorgeous too hun :) xxx