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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Digi Scrapping

I admire lots of the digi layouts that seem to be doing the rounds. Think its really clever, but not something I would like to do for myself at this time.

However, I would like to be able to add digi transparencies and the like over piccies, just for the hell of it.

Do you think I can make it work! Tried to follow Kirstys instructions, but it still wasnt happening, I either got the whole JPG of transparency over the pic, or blank, nadda, zilch, just a white PNG nothing over it.

So if you know and can enlighten me to what Im doing wrong please let me know.

Other news: Yep I know I said never again, but Ive joined a CJ group, this time its one thats being organised by my friend Sally at our local crop, so no pressure. Theres 8 of us signed up so far and some of the subjects are great:

Favourite Days Out
Games We Used to Play
Favourite Childhood Book
Good Old Fashioned, Homemade Food

Can see a nostalgic pattern forming here :D

First on my list though is to get a few other bits finished so Im organised for the start of the CJ.

This started with me making my Thank You cards today, made 7 so far got another 16 to go...Not sure how much money we have raised for the MacMillan Fund (we asked people not to buy us anniversary pressies or anything, simply donate to the fund if they wanted too, without obligation). Will be calling Kerry the co-ordinater later this week and passing on the envelopes, so will let you know the amount raised.

Off to bedfordshire now as feeling lousy, sore throat, sniffles etc....I blame this wet n horrible weather!


  1. I've obviously missed something? Did you renew your vows or something??? You look so gorgeous Jak!
    Can't give advice on the digi scrapping, i don't have a clue!

  2. Aw missus.. hope ya feeling better now hun...what software you using for printing transparencys... I'll have a fiddle and see if I can help at all.. but rememeber I'm a proper beginner!!!!