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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Been very busy uploading new stock the new Junkitz paperz, Laguna Guy and Laguna Girl are lush. I have to admit that I wasnt that keen when I first saw them advertised, but now we have them, I love them, they look even better irl. Loving the new Theresa Collins Halloween papers too.

Something else rather lush and gorgeous, was my July Hybrid Kit from Homegrownscrapbooks and Augusts looks just as delicious. Now if I could just find the time to use them all......actually to be fair, the only kits I havent used are Marchs and Julys......but I have plans for Julys and will be scrapping with the kit this weekend, hopefully.

Im so glad I waited a while before deciding on subbing to a monthly kit, totally unlike me as Ive been known to make impulse buys on occasion (only when ordering for myself you understand LOL) to then instantly regret it! .....there are so many kits around it was hard to choose, but I definately made the right choice for me. Imo, you just get so much for your money and we all like a bargain, dont we (?)

This is the kit for August (picture courtesy of Homegrown), Cherry Arte, yum!


  1. And how much is the sub then Jaks? (getting to the nitty gritty and cyber stroking those papers!)

  2. Oh, Jak I'm loving the Halloween papers (not that I 'do' Halloween but I have been know to carve a mean pumpkin :) )

    Might have to buy me some of those. Are you going to get in the new Urban Lily stuff too?

  3. Yummy yummy things Jak. Am still waiting for my email lol

  4. not sure yet Jools, but if we do Ill let you know 1st LOL

    Yes cath I know :P