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Monday, August 14, 2006

Oopps Lapsed Again

Well I have been busy, the website has been too, plus weve had even more new stock arrive, with loads more to follow.

Have you seen our Plain Janes Chipboard...exclusive to Scrapajack at the moment, but Im sure that wont last long as they are lush...I want them all, but Im being a good girl.

Also new are the gorgeous laser cut flowers, I want these too, but Im trying to wade through the stash I already have before I buy anymore.

Ok I lied, I havent been that good, I did buy Elsies new book and I LOVE it! its fabulous and full of ideas, even did a scraplift last night, well my version. Its mega busy for me, but it was a good challenge. Sorry about the pants pic, I took it while it was on an easel. Not the best way to take a picture.

Other news: well Deb has flown off to sunny(?) Ireland for 10 days, the lucky sod! No such luck for me. Dave was hoping to get a couple of days off so we could spend some time together before Betty gets back from her Grans and Grandads...but no chance, work is so full on for him at the moment. Good job I didnt book the B&B as originally planned eh!

So for a bit of a break I went to Swindon overnight, to see my other bessie mate! we had the best time. Sal is a member of the De Vere Leisure Club in Swindon and leisure it was. We went for the afternoon, had a nice 10 minutes in the steam room, then a swim in the pool and then on to the Jacuzzi it was absolute Bliss. I felt so relaxed/refreshed and I slept like a log that night. Cant wait to go again, just wish that they had something like that around here, where you can just take yourself off for the afternoon not giving work a second thought.

Well one can dream!


  1. love that layout Jak - you lady of leisure and jacuzzis, you!

  2. Cute layout.

    Oooooo I wish I could have a day like that. *sigh*

  3. Tagged you see here

  4. I love that Lo - that blue paper with the pale flowers is particularly scrummy! The whole effect is bright and breezy :)

  5. beautiful layout :)

  6. I like the way you've laid out your blog....very calming and good to read. I just wanted to say glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Swindon. I've recently moved to Swindon (18 months now) and have had to discover all the good and sometimes bad things about it.