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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Great Day Out

As per my last post, my brother and his family are visiting from Scotland. Anyway yesterday saw 12 of us, including kiddiewinks, take a visit to the local park.

The weather was gorgeous and the park now has this water fun bit for tiddlers, 'Stinky' had a ball and plus it was great to catch up with everyone.

BUT guess who forgot their camera doh! my darling brother to the rescue, he let me hog his super duper Nikon D50 for the day and take as many pics as I wanted. Wow! I am loving that camera and lenses.

Heres a few pics from yesterday, 2 of stinky and one of my big brother. Love this pic of him, I feel some layouts coming on. LOL

PS. Have another 'stinkyism' - part deux

As my little stinky was going home the other night, she was jumping all over the place and I said (like a the bad nanny that I am) 'youre a right little B**ger arent you'. Realising what I said (as she repeats nearly every thing you say), I said 'youre a little burger'........'No I not' came the reply, 'I a burger n chips from acdonals' and then danced up the path screaching at the top of her voice 'acdonals, acdonals, Gagan, love oooo, talla (TaTa)'