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Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy Busy

Lots of new stock has arrived so we have been busy unpacking it all then uploading it to the website, havent even done anywhere near a half of it yet and more goodies are due to arrive later this week.

Also had to finish off a magazine assignment too. Now all thats left to do (apart from the rest of the stock) is do the 4 CJs, I have here, I know 4 can you believe it! There was me saying no more CJs... Mind you in fairness, I only have 4 because unfortunately a friend, due to family illness, had to drop out, so it cant be helped. BUT this is the last time I take on anymore for a while! I forgot what a bind they can be LOL

Oh forgot to mention that in between all that we had visitors (my brother and his family from scotland) too.

My little 'stinky' came over when our visitors arrived.....she is such a funny thing and at 2 and a half a right little chatterbox. Her latest thing is to copy Nikki off big brother 7 and wave her arms around shouting 'who is she'! But anyway, my daughter Nic is potty training stinky at the moment and shes doing brilliantly.

Oh and did you know apparently her pants 'forgot her' LOL she was in a waterfight and got soaked so as our visitors arrived nic shoved a pair of shorts on her for quickness and that was the reply I got when I asked wheres your pants.

Shes also a 'Gagans' (her name for grandad) girl right now too. He was recently away on business in China for 2 weeks and ever since hes got back shes been following him around everywhere saying 'Gagan, you not in tina now are you'

Dont you just love that age....I really must do a 'stinkyisms' layout or mini book.

PS. Forgot to say number 2 grandchild is on its way, Nic is due in January... gawd I feel old!


  1. That's cos you are darling.


  2. magazine assignment eh?! ooooh!!!

    and of course you're not old, you silly sausage!

    (I won't hear a word said against CJs though, you knows how much I loves 'em!)

  3. Awe great news about Stinkie mark 2.
    You kept that quiet on the team thread;)