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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wheres the time gone again?

I cant believe its nearly 2 weeks since I last posted. I have been just so busy.

Have had CJs to do, loads of new stock to price up, plus uploading goodies to our wonderful new website. Im really pleased with the new look Scrapajack.

Simon has worked really hard to get it all sorted for us and in record time too.

I love it, its so much easier for Deb and I to manage, plus we have lots of new features, which we are loving.

Other news is that my darling hubby bought me a new car. Well not brand new but only 2 years old and with only 11000 miles on the clock. I was a nervous wreck picking it up yesterday. Daft I know, but I hate driving different/new cars. I managed to stall the damn thing 3 times before I even got it out of the garage LOL.

Today I decided to take the bull by the horns and just drive into town and back. Good news is got it back in one piece and only stalled once at the traffic lights. The clutch is so different from my saxo, but I'll get used to it with practice....well heres hoping LOL

Right must go start my CV, applying for jobs today.


  1. WOohoo, new car and new website!
    Long it Jak.
    PS aren't i owed an email??? lol

  2. GREAT website Jaks. Love it!! Decided to move huh? LOL Good to see Scrappers Unlimited's link on there!

  3. Of course Duchess, Who elses link would I advertise eh x