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Monday, May 08, 2006

why is it?

After raving about Darren Hayes and his concert to anyone that would listen over the weekend, it turns out hardly anyone knows who he is. Strange but true.

My friends mum asked 'oh is that him from countdown?'

Upon looking at my layout that I created of photos from the night (yes sad but true) another friend said, 'ooh is that your husband?'

I blinkin wish!!


  1. I know who he is:)
    I will be just as mad when I see takethat in June and I will be taking my telephoto lens oh yes

  2. I only know who he is because (a) there's women clucking about him all over UK Scrappers and (b) My pop encyclopaedia (read 'husband') tells me he was in Savage Garden.

    But apart from that...NO IDEA about any of his songs. Apart from Savage Garden that is.

    Now DONNY...that's a different story - LOL!

  3. Anonymous11:38 pm

    I know who he is hun!!!

    love cookie!!

  4. mmmmmmm, can deffo see a resemblance with Darren and Dave. Or am I getting mixed up with Dave and the (last) Pope. lol.

  5. I am with you Hun ..HOW can they NOT know LOL
    I DO refer to him as DH ;) so would love him to be mistaken as my hubby :) ..sigh

    I have the same song on my blogg too :) :)