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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fab Weekend

Well, I have had the most tiring but fab weekend.

Friday night we went to a surprise birthday party and danced the night away.

My friend, Lyn, was 60. Her night started at 5pm when her daughter and son organised for her to have a helicopter ride around the malvern hills. The plan was that they would land at the Chateau Impney Hotel then head off for dinner. However, the helicopter landed at the Golf Club where 60 of her friends and family were waiting to greet her. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She loved it though and Im so pleased as she works very hard, having her own business with hardly a day off in years.

Saturday was a lazy day, catching up with washing etc and recovering from the night before.

Sunday we decided last minute to go and see Beany and Rob (the b/f) in London.

Called her around lunchtime, lazy mare was still in bed! She had the shock of her life when we announced we'd see her later.....'what? youre coming to London'?

So off we went. We hadnt been to Robs before before and had no idea where Stratford was, but luckily we found it quite easily. He actually lives right on the main road, across from where the new Olympic Stadium is being built. From Robs flat you can see for miles across London.

Unfortunately Rob had to work yesterday, so it was just us 4 for a day out. We headed off to Spital fields but it was closed! how dare they on a bank holiday! So we had to have a plan B, but first breakfast. We ate in S&M not what you are thinking! it stands for Sausages and Mash, must admit, not my regular type of food, being on the weight watchers plan, but it made a nice change and certainly filled me up for the day.

Then it was off to Greenwich, somewhere Ive not been before, to look around the shops and see all the sights. We had a brilliant day, the weather was beautiful (so much so had to pinch beanys sunglasses), we walked loads and took lots of pics (once Id prised my new camera from Beanys hands)

Pics are Dave and I, Dave and the girls, and the last one is the obligatory one of the Cutty Sark taken by Beany.


  1. Ahhh ... Stratford ... my first boyfriend took me to Stratford to buy my christmas present (we were 13 and in lurve) ... he bought me a Madness poster and I well remember big long snogs at the bus stop on the way home ... haven't been to Strattie for a very long time, bet it's changed beyond all recognition now!

  2. Fab piccies Jak. I see some lush layouts on the horizon. Glad you had a lovely weekend. The spontaneous ones are always the best.

  3. Anonymous11:43 am

    fab photos hun... lovin the blond in your hair..for some reason i thought ywas dark ( am I gooing mad?!?)

    Cookie x

  4. no cookie youre not LOL youre already mad girlfriend! haha!

    my last pic, that you would have seen my hair was tied back and I had dark roots LOL

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