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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Yay! the Tena Ladies are to be re-united and are going to the Scrappers Unlimited November retreat in Glos. We went last year in October and had the best time, so knew we had to book again.

If you havent checked out Chrissies retreats, take a look at her website (link above). She drives me totally mad with her Can I have it done yesterday please streak and bossyness (which I tease her about relentlessly), but you know what she organises the best retreats, and is a great laugh. Oh Yes Chrissie was born to organise.

The November retreat is at the same place as last Octobers one, Hatherly Manor, Glos, but I am so glad. The hotel is fantastic, not to mention the food. Plus bonus for us, its literally 35 mins dive up the road.

This time Im planning on being megga organised with kit packs etc for myself plus a few extra pics for any challenges.

Must also make Chrissies pressie in exchange for the ones she gave me last year, eh Sal ;)


  1. coolio, moolio. Altered Tena's. Looking forward to this. Plus you are so right, Chrissie was deffo born to organise. She is totally in the right job, which is what made the whole weekend so perfect. It all went like a dream for us as punters (must have taken some doing as well).

  2. I prefer "organiser" over "bossy" if you please. And when have I asked you to have anything done yesterday??? Oooooh...that's right...when I needed your balance for Gloucester and you sent it, like, 5 weeks late. THEEEEEEEN! (lol) (Gotcha back!)

  3. 5 weeks late my backside! If you remember correctly the date was wrong on my itinary :P

  4. LOL - must make sure I have plenty of Tena in stock this time round :)