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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For the past 3 weeks...

My life has been one big crop! and Ive loved every minute of it, we have been to so many its hard to keep track. However, I have managed to get loads of layouts done and one of them has been requested for publication.

Have also been making flag books for numerous people (thanks to Martha for her fab class) This was my first one, not quite finished but its a friends one

My latest is a 25th wedding anniversary one for my mum and step-dad. Off to Devon tomorrow for a couple of days (before another whirlwind of crops begin) to visit them.

Which reminds me, must pack mums ipod-shuffle.....yes my mum at the age of 72 has decided that she would like an MP3 player. I must admit, I thought she was joking when she first mentioned it...but no she really did want one, so we all chipped in for Mothers Day and got her an ipod. Well we might as well get her something she wants rather than something she wont like, cant use etc.

Hope she manages to master it better than Ive mastered mine LOL


  1. Great job Jak!
    Being emailing you at your new Gmail address but no response. Will have to try your old address :)
    Take care

  2. Anonymous10:32 am

    ooh clever you..have a fab time in Devon you ole tart!

    cookie xx

  3. Wow - you've been busy - looks great!