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Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Fab Weekend!

Yep I know, I know, I sound like Im repeating myself, but yet again we've had the best weekend.

Saturday saw Deb and I head off to Melton Mowbray for a weekend 'Crafty Get Together' organised by our friend Lorna. She organises a fab weekend and its not only scrappers that go, there are card makers, cross-stitchers etc.

She runs it like a crop but we tend to stay over as its a bit of a bind packing the shop away to go home only to head back the next day to unpack again.

This year though Lorna decided to hire the local Scout Hut and believe me it was far nicer than the hotel, more room and no double bookings.

Deb and I stayed over at the George Hotel in town along with a couple of other girls we met last year and what a blast we had!

We met Julia and Lyn at Lornas first crafty weekend last year as I said, but its like weve known them forever, picking up the conversation where we left it and just having a good time.

Saturday night, I would like to say, after a productive day scrapping, but that sort of went out of the window with all the chatting we were doing, 8 of us went for a meal to the local chinese the food was delicious. Then we headed back to the hotel for a drink and chat. Oh my goodness, what a total scream, me completely mis-hearing parts of a conversation about sleep walking and thinking Julia had said her dog slept walked (she said her daughter) Lyn showing us her protection. It looked like a pen knife but was in fact a tooth pick!! So more laughter followed. Im sure people must have thought we were drunk, but I can assure you we werent.

At one point we even got chatted it couldnt be by a Darren Hayes look alike could it, oh no, we get the smelly drunk with the rotten teeth....trying and I mean trying, to tell jokes.

Finally got rid of him at 1am then headed off to bed.

Up Sunday at 7.15 am, feeling like weve partyed like never before, gawd were we tired. Got hardly a thing done in the way of scrapping again, as we were just way too shattered.

All thats left to say is thanks Lorna for the best weekend and cant wait for us to get together again soon and will look forward to the trip to London.

Love you guys x


  1. Lovedisney/Lyn10:02 pm

    You made me LOL reading this and it was a multi purpose tool as it can pluck yr eyebrows as well!
    Thanks for making the weekend such fun - Hows your chuckle muscle?

  2. sounds like a normal wakki jakki weekend. I love 'em and wish I'd been there.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Well I hope this raucous behaviour's not going to manifest itself at Gloucester 2...tsk, tsk!


  5. lorna5:33 pm

    oh boy did we laugh, until it hurt lol

    its all down to you guys thats it was such fun, roll on the next one.

  6. Anonymous8:14 pm totally devved I wasn't there now!!!!sounds like ya HAD A BLAST!! Totally for a sulk!!!!

    cookie x