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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Tired today, but that could be something to do with those few glasses of wine I drunk last night.

Sal called up out of the blue to say she was home for a few days and would I like to go out to dinner. Of course I was going to say yes, couldnt miss a night of laughter and thats exactly what we did. Eat laugh and get merry.

We were discussing all manner of things as you do, when Kirstys Homegrown layout of Elsiecake came up in the conversation. If you havent seen it, take a look, its fab-delish!, but then so is Elsie and I can see why Kirsty is inspired by her.....anyway Sal reckons that her own style has changed quite a bit and as she now doodles (like Kirsty and Elsie) she needs to be known as Sallybun! I nearly wet myself with laughter (ok tmi)

The thing is Im not so sure that she is actually joking!

PS. Kirsty if you are reading this, Happy Birthday hope you have a fab day and good luck in the competition, mmwwahh!


  1. sallybun8:39 pm

    scuse me Jak Tart, lol. Im Sallybun by name and Sallybun by nature.
    ps. I think we may be groupies.

  2. Fellow groupie. Can you check my blog for me. Ta. Sal x