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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stash stash and more stash

well while ive been ill this week with flu, it hasnt stopped me browsing the net. I have been very naughty and spent loads! Mind you dave did pay via paypal, wonder if he will forget how much I owe him?

Firstly, although she doesnt know it I have to put a tiny bit of blame on Elaine (sorry hehe) I saw the most gorgeous stamps on her blog and just had to have myself some. Im really into stamping right now but bored with the tat (and it is tat!) that I have, so when I saw these I got really excited.

They are stampsmith stamps, this is one that Ive bought, its called Portrait of a Lady. I totally love it, partly because Im a bit of an old movie fan.

What else? what else indeedy! Bought myself 2 packs of the new Basic Grey scrapbook papers, my fave being this one - Urban Couture

Last but not least, Ive got 2 new Elsie Flannighan fonts, Love Bug and Flower Garden.

See what being at home does to a woman!


  1. oooh. cant wait to see ya stamp Jak. Might NEED to have a go. lol.

  2. That all looks really scrummy Jaks - I think I can feel a touch of flu coming on...:)

  3. Anonymous3:31 am

    Lubs that stamp tart!!! Can't wait to see your creations!!!!


  4. OOOOOOOOOOO!! You have a blog TOOOOOOO!

    Tag. You're it!! (see my blog for the questions).

    Yey...another bloggin' buddy (sounds like I'm swearing doesn't it? Mwaaahaaaahaaa)

    Chrissie x

  5. Wondered when you would pay me a visit, missed chatting to you mrs fruitcake...mmwaahhh!

  6. Nothing like spending money to make you feel better!
    Hope you;re feeling better hunny

  7. Hey you, Tena Lady! You still ill? (I'm still ill. I hate life at the moment cos I'm sick to the back teeth of feeling ill).