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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Its my birthday, well it was yesterday!

43! ouchy mamma!

Its official Im getting old.

Had a lovely day yesterday, went and met friends for breakfast.....unfortunately no where fancy just tescos, but it was still nice to catch up.

I also received the most fabby presents and handmade cards from some of my friends. Cath sent me loads of goodies and my fave, primas......I was so touched that I had a little cry....yes Im a softy.

Sally of course wouldnt be sally if she hadnt got me at least 1 thing rude, this years effort (amongst other lovely stuff) was a book, one Id not seen before, called 'sh*g yourself slim' havent had time to read it yet but it definatly sounds interesting. I think she wants to borrow it back once Im done LOL.

Debbie got me an AMM tote, the new Cecilia Ahern book 'if you could see me now', chocs and a bottle of fiz.

Some of the other goodies I received: Heidi Swapp Handwriting Book, Donna Downey Journaling Book, Microscope slides, tape and slide mailers, CD, See D Rubber stamps, Mia Dolans new book, Candles and Holder.

Hubby, the darling was going to buy me the make your own stamps kit from scrapbookmad but I told him that I would probably only play with it a few times then it would be stashed away. so what did he get me......zilch, nada, nought!

However, at 11pm last night he sought redemption, by nipping to tescos, enroute to get Matt from his g/fs, and bringing me back a cake, chocolate of course, with candles on, bless him.

Just remains to say thanks to all my friends, on UKS and otherwise for all your goodwishes etc.


  1. Awww lovely cards - great gifts! glad you had a great day Groober!

  2. hehehe. you'll be two stone lighter by the end of Feb with that book (knowing you).lol.

  3. Anonymous12:28 am

    merry birfday missus...i'm pants and forgot completely!!! will make it up to you hun xxxxxx nics x

  4. Happy Birthday! Ok, so I'm late... Sorreeeee. You're nearly as old as me, but you'll never catch up. Why is that thought depressing? My birthday soon and I hope I get some lovely pressies like that LOL

  5. SO pleased you had a good birthday and liked your presents!
    You're such a good friend Jak and i lubs ya!!