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Saturday, January 21, 2006


I know, once again, Ive let the blogging slip, but, well been so busy.

We had a fantastic time in Florida and New Years eve was the best we have had in ages. We went to a place called Arabian Nights, where we could have partied until 3am, but the men moaned that they were tired at 1am........must be a sign of old age.

This is Debbie and I with our HUGE cocktails, toasting the new year in.

Since I got back I seem to have been so busy, catching up with the website, adding stock, housework and all the other stuff that goes with being a housewife and mother.

However, I have managed to do 4 layouts since I got back, which Im really pleased about. Seems ages since I did anything for myself.

You wouldnt believe how Ive enjoyed the time away from work, handing in my notice was the best thing I ever did, I feel fan-bliddy-tastic!

Its my birthday on Tuesday, so last Thursday I caught up with a few friends from Reality and we went out for an early birthday dinner/get together. Guess what! for the first hour all they talked about was work.

It was lovely to catch up with my old friend Heather, whom I havent seen for about 6 months tho. Shes looking great, despite all thats happening in her life at the moment. If theres one good thing to come out of working at Reality, its the friendship I have with Heather, Lin, Chris and Jill. These girls are girls that I started working with 8 years ago. We have such a laugh when we get together (apart from when they talk 'shop').

This week though I have to start looking for a job, I mean, how else am I going to fund my stash habit. Which reminds me I still have to put away and tidy all the stuff I purchased in Florida too!

Im think I might just go for temping for right fingers crossed I find something.

Hope youre all having a great weekend.


  1. Nics x9:54 pm

    Hey there missus!! Bloody good to see you updating your blog again! You sound SOOOOOO much happier y'know since you handed your notice in.. Well done you!! Fab LO..wish my simple LO's looked that good.. and boring men.. you and Debbie should have partied on without them!!! I would have but then i'm a p artist!!!!

  2. Yeah!!! A blog! That's a lovely LO there, fantastic photos! Very fab! What's that you're drinking?

  3. Its a cocktail full of alcohol LOL
    Mine was a sultans surprise and debs was a magic carpet....Sipping it through a straw you dont really notice that is needless to say I was a bit tipsy after just drinking half.

  4. Looks lovely and you look so happy and healthy!