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Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Circle Coming to an End

I now have the last 70's Circle Journal, and Im rather sad to see the circle finish. Its been such fun reminiscing about the 70's.

The fashions, the mags we used to buy. Come on who remembers Jackie and My Guy? When I look back at those comics/mags/annuals everything was so innocent. People wrote into the problem pages because they were worried how to kiss a guy? btw, The Jackie advised to practice on the back of your hand! Own up who tried LOL

What about the great movies from the 70's - Grease, Saturday Night Fever etc. The one thing about looking back is it reminds you of how old we are all getting. To think that Grease was in the cinema 28 years ago! I went to see it at least 5 times with my best friend Liz Webster (Hi Liz!), we knew it word for word and the songs too.

Who remembers Lena Zavaroni winning Opportunity Knocks? Yes these are all things that I had forgotten about until I started researching the 70's.

So Im so glad that I bit the bullet and joined the circle, Im going to have so much fun reading everyones memories once I get my journal back. Im sure my kids will all have a good laugh too.

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