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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday Witterings

Well work was poo just as I knew it would be. 3 people actually spoke to me when I walked in and said good morning, one of those was my manager, so not bad for a room of 15 people!

Why do people treat me like poo I wonder and feel the need to ignore me, well it must be A) Im horrible B) Im totally horrible (actually truth be known they think Im a nerd being a scrapbooker)

But you know what I couldnt give a flying fig what they think of me.

My problem is although I come across bubbly and full of confidence Im not (its a size thing, hate walking into a room full of strangers) and when I dont smile I look a right miserable cow, just ask my sister LOL she has lots to say on that.

Im also far too sensitive, cry at even happy stuff on tv, blimey been known to cry at eastenders for gawds sake and dont even get me started on the Pride of Britain Awards that was on last night.

However, I have come to the conclusion that if peeps at work dont like me well b****cks to them, their loss. I have a few really close friends and many others that I would consider friends. And you know what, I also have the most superdeedooper scrapping friends, its just a shame we dont all live nearer to each other.

So 2 fingers up to my co-workers, have your b***h, bully who you like, but this is one person who will continue to listen to her walkman while she works, dream of Darren Hayes and think about what shes going to scrap next without giving you lot another incy wincy thought......and anyway Im only there for the money not the company!

Here endeth the lesson :-P


  1. Oh Jackie hun this is not good, dont bring yourself down ok, we scrappers must unite and stick together, a scrapping angel you must become ;)
    I too cried at The Pride of Britian,

    hugs hun and chin up

    anna xxx

  2. Ooh that lady who didn't knoe she was pregnant (at the pride of britain) - wow!
    From one sensitive soul to another - you dream about Darren now?

  3. oh yea dream about him too! LOL

  4. Me too Jakki, I cry at anything. Have you watched Extreme Makeover home edition? I cry buckets at that. Good for you about your co-workers, bollocks to them, god don't you just hate horrible people. Oh, Darren Hayes, not sure cos my fav is Pierce Brosnan, but if he helps you get through the day - cool. Keep your chin up chuck (hugs)Vanda xXx

  5. Jakki - Im going to have them assasinted with my "Love Gun". That way they will come back into work and be as Lovely as you are.

    You have us to lean on darling - you dont need coworkers who are self absorbed with no creative outlet.

    people like that make me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. pig dogs. bluergh.

    love to you xx