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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hi Ho!Hi Ho! Its Back To Work I Go!

yea woopeee, woohoo back to work on Monday.......yea Im really happy about it......NOT! I hate the thought of just walking through that office door on Monday morning. To sit and listen to everyone B**ching and sniping about people as soon as their backs are turned completely does my head in.

What can I do about it? nothing! nada! zilch! zero! I am going to have to just put up with it for a few more months until I can get something else. D says oh why dont you go back to Tescos! LOL is he kidding, not being a snob, and no offence to people that work in Tescos (I worked there too for 3 years), but its a bit of a step DOWN the ladder compared to what I do now. Thing is I really LOVE my job, just not most of the people I work with. Oh and Im not paranoid here, it really IS that bad. Apart from 3, yes three out of 18, nice people the rest are awful.

Mind you Im surprised my manager doesnt do more to create a bit of harmony within the office, but then why should she, as long as she gets the targets required of us all, shes one happy lady.

The thing that stops me leaving (apart from the cash!) is the fact that Ive been there 8 years....nearly 5 years in this particular office, the holidays are very generous and so are the benefits (staff discounts etc). It was great when I used to work afternoons, but since changing to mornings my life has been hell.

So yes I will go back to work on Monday, but I know for a fact it will be if I could just win the lottery, mind you maybe I would have better chances if I bought a ticket now and then!


  1. Iffice work sucks the life out of living sometime but grun abd bear it darling cos come 5 oclock - its out the door to scrap world. Working with a bunch of women can be awful at times but get surfing on down to uks and each others blogs and we can keep each other sane hun!

  2. I hate that b*tch*ness that can build up in offices. My work had a bad spell a couple of years ago, but it is improving now. Still a couple of stirrers though. I hope you have an okay sort of week. Kel x

  3. Best of luck to you Goober!

  4. Big hugs Jak!
    Hope it wasnt too bad!

    Love 'n hugs!
    Your mate Cath xxxxx

  5. oo look at you with your schmancy new looking blog :) looking great hun


    PS: need a banner just shout

  6. did it go???

  7. well anna, if you cant beat em you gotta join em LOL, got the idea from your Blog x