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Monday, October 31, 2005

Nearly November

Updated: piccie of spidergirl, will add more later.

Cant believe where the time has gone since I last blogged.

Deb, Sally, Karen and I went to the Gloucester retreat on 20th October for the weekend and had a blast. It was held at a really lovely hotel Hatherley Manor, Cheltenham. I can honestly say that everything was brilliant, from the rooms to the service. Thanks to Chrissie and her organisation skills too.....cant be easy trying to cater for so many people, organising classes etc. The hotel is definately a place I would visit again, money permitting, and Id love to go on a retreat again, mind you have been absolutely knackered since we got back.

Have been so tired that I have been to going to bed around 10.30pm which is so unlike me as I tend to be a bit of a night owl.

The website has been very busy indeed so that too, has kept us on the go, packing and despatching etc.

Havent even had the time to think about scrapping, thats bad isnt it. Still have a few final CJs to do, but will hopefully get those completed tomorrow.

A few of my friends have been poorly this week, so get well soon to Claire and Cath (yes I know I owe you mail).

Off to 'stinkys' little halloween party now, woohoo, lots of screaming 2 year olds, gotta love it! Apparently 'stinky' has the cutest of spider outfits. Since when did spiders become cute??!

Will take my camera and will post piccies later if I can get her to pose, though its not one of her favourite things to do.


  1. Hey, i remember you lol!
    Great picture! Thanks for the well wishes, am still poorly though :(

  2. I'm getting better every day! Thank you Jackie :)
    Spidergirl is cute!
    Nothing wrong with going to bed early! :)

  3. hi babes

    havent been to your blog for a while but its great to read and catch up with you.

    Corking piccy of stinky!

    kirsty x