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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Feeling Sorry for Myself and a Rant!

Yep I am, had a wisdom tooth out yesterday and it blinkin hurts like mad today, not the tooth (as its not there LOL) but my face. I also resemble hammy the hamster, ooh who remembers tales of the riverbank?

I have had the crappiest week this week. Im not prone to letting everyone know my personal business, because its exactly that, personal, but oooooh this past week you wouldnt believe whats been going on and we all need an outlet dont we.

My oldest daughter (N) as you know has little stinky. well the relationship between N and stinkys dad (G) has been somewhat, on and off for a while.

One week they are madly in love, next the cant stand the sight of each other. Im sure N just doesnt want to be another statistic, hence why she keeps trying to make a go of it, plus she has stinky to consider.

My opinion is better to have no dad than a dad thats a tw*t (sorry cant think of anything politer)........and a complete tw*at he is. Let me just point out that I tend not to judge OR get involved but everyone has their breaking point.

This week N decided to tell G once and for all that its over, she loves him but isnt IN love with him. She hates the rows and that its not good for stinky. What does G do?? Gawd! he is beyond belief and he should know better at 34 or whatever bloody age he is, anyway he starts bombarding her with text messages......think its 60 to date.

Some nice some not very nice at all, for example, he texts her to let her know that hes going to break into her house r*pe her and kidnap stinky.....ok is this a serious case of 'Im a nutter take me away (or should that be 'get me out of here') ? I think so, so you can imagine my response! I have been absolutely terrified all week that he will suddenly show up in the middle of the night, ok maybe you think Im being daft, but doing the work he does, he is prone to just showing up anyway regardless of the hour, day or night.

Well N decided (Im so proud of her!) that enough was enough and she called the police and you know what, they took down every message he sent, took hours but they did it. Since then he has texted her more, apologising in one breath then going into lengthy abuse about her weight (size 14), her parenting skills and much much more, even too personal to post here.

OMG and the funniest one yet, nearly forgot, made me howl with laughter (only because of Gs response), he texted her and told her that was it, he was going to kill himself. So N being the lovely girl that she is called the ambulance service in cardiff (Gs home town). Next text she gets is from him, apparently he was in the pub (?) and wants to know why she called the emergency services, cos they broke his window to get in his house, while of course he was killing himself (down the pub boozing).

The story so far is that N had a visit yesterday from the police who took a statement and want to press charges of harrassment. They also took Ns mobile phone in case he calls or texts again. Would love to be a fly on the wall when G gets a visit. As much as I dont wish harm on anyone, he def deserves all he gets, and I hope that if he gets 'banged' up as they say, he gets the psychiatric (sp?) help that he needs desparately.

Then one day maybe he will be a 'proper' dad (another longggg story) to his kids (yes he has 2 others to someone else) and will be the role model that they need and deserve.

My apologies if this posting offends anyone, but you dont have to read it LOL.


  1. Gosh Jak, what a weirdo. Take it seriously tho, as there are some right idiots about. Good job M is staying with her so she is not alone. G needs locking up.

  2. Im def taking it seriously and Im glad N called the police, not sure it will have the desired effect tho, but lets be positive.

  3. Jackie!!! What a week! Yep he needs to be away from kids :( If you do need to chat just mail me!
    Hope you're teeth (or holes?!) are feeling better soon - I took loads of Paramol when I had mine out.

  4. Wow Jak, sorry you've been going through all this. Sorry about N and Stinky, they sound like they are defo better off without him. Hopefully now the police are involved he'll get the nessage and leave her alone. She deserves someone better!
    Hope your mouth feels better soon too!

  5. blimey - coronation street couldnt come up with scrputs like that babes.

    She is well shot of him and that wee stinky deserves so much more.

    Missed your blogging babes - keep up so i can be nosey!

  6. PS Tag you're it!

  7. Gosh! Your DD has done the right thing - absobloominlutely! Hope everything gets better from now on.

  8. Sarah (Flo)3:26 pm

    hi Jakki

    sorry - being nosey checking out blogs

    just to say I went through all this (and more) with my ex

    he completely ignored all the civil injunctions I took out - but when the police finally got off the butts and did him for harassment it did the job

    he didn't get sent down but got a suspended sentence and a whopping fine and I haven't heard a peep out of him for almost a year now - it's wonderful!!

    so your daughter should 100% pursue the harrassment charge

  9. Thanks everyone for all your kind words and support.....He did turn up last week, but N called the police, and he left....last heard she had a letter begging her for one last chance hehe.....needless to say she took the letter to the police and has heard nothing more

  10. Wow jak!

    Talk about deja-vu or what!! Exactly what my ex did to me. Being a probation officer you'd think my ex would have had more sense but, as he couldn't afford to lose face (or his job), when I contacted a solicitor and he got a letter detailing all the darn nasty things he'd texted me with and a photocopy of messages on said phone with a strongly worded letter to say they all went to the police next time he sent one, my ex packed up....well for a while anyways. Once a nutter always a nutter. Wish now I'd actually gone for the harrassment charge. Can empathise with your girl and you too. Tell her to take him to the cleaners. A leopard never changes it's spots ;0)