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Saturday, August 20, 2005

weekend is here again

seem to be saying that a lot this last couple of weeks. When you get older, the weeks seem to go faster?!

I remember when I was just a teen that I hated the weekend, especially Sundays, I was always 'bored'.

ooh went off on a slight tangent there!

My week? fairly good after a busy start.

Im still on crutches due to torn ligaments in my foot. Have been backwards and forwards to the hospital having x-rays as physio seemed to think I may have fractured a small bone in my foot. However, the hospital x-rayed the wrong part of my foot, so I had to go back for more.

After all that, they cant find a fracture.

I just love the NHS!

Thursday I went to Chrissie W.'s 'seminar' in Reading with my friend Sally. Fab classes and learnt some new techniques, but the main thing? I actually got some layouts done.

I have been spending so much time doing CJ's that doing my own layouts seem to have taken a back seat.

Also been real busy this week, spending! It can be very therapeutic, but unfortunately its not for personal use, well for not at the moment :D

Having a weekend away (yep another! thats 2 this year) in Swindon with hubby and friends before betty comes back from her grans. My lovely son and other daughter are 'manning the pumps' at home.

When we get back it will be full speed a head for getting the website live and getting betty ready to go back to school. Which reminds me, have to buy her new of everything this term!

Message for Claire: lovely cider days paper and the new BG collection packs


  1. Ooooh how lovely! Wish I was there :)

  2. Chrissie5:20 pm

    Er...why is 'Seminar' in quotes LOL LOL LOL!! Glad you had a good day!