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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moany Monday

Woken up early this morning by the delivery van. I couldnt even get that excited as I was so tired.

Have spent the rest of the day filing and phoning around, whoever thought starting a business would be easy?....oh yea that was me!

On track now though and just waiting for the website logo to be changed, hate the lilac, (another of my bright (being the operative word) ideas LOL).

Debs on holiday so any decision making is mine, wait til she sees the decisions Ive made in the 2 days shes been away!

Had a fab chat with Chrissie W. today, was so good we were on the phone over an hour. (ok I wasnt working all the time)......she was filling me in on Donny (osmond), so gutted that I didnt get tickets for his concert. I really wanted to go , but no-one else I know likes him enough to go and see him.

Last time I went I had to bribe a colleague from work to come. She thought it was ok, but didnt go all 'emotional' like me LOL. Well I had waited nearly 30 years to see him, sad but true.

Anyway, next time hes coming my way, I shall be straight on the phone to Chrissie, begging to tag along.

Going to one of Scrappers Unlimiteds seminars on Thursday with my friend Sally. Really looking forward to that. 5 classes in one day, will be like a mini Bonanza.

Tomorrow *Tues*, I will have the horrible task (I say horrible as my photos can never be found) of searching for appropriate photos for the class layouts. Bet I end up taking ones that are totally wrong and come back with blank layouts.

Did that at bonanza and still havent finished 3, which reminds me I really must finish those and get them in my album.

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  1. So - what was in the delivery van?
    I hope Tuesday is bit perkier for you!