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Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday Mutterings

Have been working today but in between working having been looking at the 'Block' competition on

Some absolutely gorgeous pieces of work have been entered. The 'management' were very naughty this week though as they decided to change the rules and everyone is up for nomination.

There is a poll asking who would you like to keep in the block. Gosh! Ive looked and looked again, its so hard to vote for just one person. The quality of the work is amazing and I would love to be able scrap like that.

Now if I could just get all the CJ's finished. Everytime I plan a layout lately all I see is a blank piece of paper measuring 12x12. Nothing comes to mind apart from 'how am I going to fill that space'.

Got some new stash this weekend too, nothing major just some glitter. flowers and ribbons. Got them from Snazzy Bears (?) at the Blooms garden centre in swindon. That shop is great, helpful but most importantly friendly. So much so that Im now thinking about doing one of their card making workshops. They have all the cards on display and I keep thinking I could do that, with some help of course.


  1. Well - I hear there's some circle journals heading my way, so not long now!

  2. Where you at lady??????

    I have just seen you've ordered the QK and the Tote and the cushion!!! You naughty girl!