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Friday, August 26, 2005

Habit Forming Here!

Checking back it appears that I seem to be writing mainly on a Friday, Saturday and a Monday! this is not intentional, just seem to be busy all week and can find nothing to say. Never was any good at keeping diaries.
Well I did once, in my teens and it went something like this.

Friday, went to Davids house
Saturday, nothing happened went to Davids house
Sunday, had dinner at Davids
Monday, went to town, then back to Davids

Can you see where Im going with this! YAWN!

Have been a naughty girl this week, and pre-ordered a Pink Quickutz etc...only 'fessed up to Dave last night. Not that he would ever complain but I felt real bad spending over £100 without mentioning it first.

Bang goes my next 2 months scrapbooking budget! I try to limit what I buy for several reasons really.

A) I buy things, like paper and embellies JUST because I like them
B) I tend not to use them after Ive bought them
C) because I dont know how to use them or present them on a page
D) I have so much stuff I forget what I do have

Also this week, my darling son has moved out, Im really sad about it but on the PLUS side I get his room as a scrapbooking room come office. Now if I could just get him to shift his mountain of laundry off the bedroom floor I could make a start on decorating it.

Bethany (my youngest) thinks we should have a mini fridge and coffee machine in there, not sure thats a good and scrapbooking, from experience do not go together!

So right now although I have the room, Im not totally sure what Im going to do to it and how....


  1. A pink quickutz - you devil!!! I am a bit jealous :)
    Good luck with your scrapbook room plans - I find a good way to get the washing pile down is to take it outside and set fire to it! (I wish!)

  2. I am so jealous too. Normally i can find the money for things like that from somewhere but at the moment i am totally skint and dont have the funds for it. I am so sad :(
    A,B,C & D all apply to me too lol